Hiwatt Maxwatt 50CMR

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Hiwatt Maxwatt 50CMR


Again laid out and with the same features as its bigger brothers, this amplifier
delivers the same spades of tone in the classic, and more manageable 50w
format. The only difference is that the footswitch for this will change the channel and the reverb; the gain can only be adjusted at the facia.

  • High input, 2 channel (foot switchable)
  • 3 Band EQ: bass, middle, treble and gain on Clean channel
  • 3 Band EQ: bass, middle, treble, 2 stage gain and contour on Overdrive
  • channel
  • Channel 1 volume, Channel 2 gain controls
  • Master volume
  • Effects send/return with level controls
  • Reverb control (foot switchable)
  • Ext. speaker output
  • Line out
  • Headphone jack